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Mottainai Kitchen , in theaters across japan in Augsut 2020

The documentary film “Mottainai Kitchen” will be released throughout Japan in August, starting at Cine Switch Ginza and Uplink Kichijoji!

Mottainai Kitchen is a culinary road movie, tackling the issue of food waste and other environmental issues in Japan, searching for sustainable solutions. The film follows filmmaker and food activist David Gross as he discovers the fascinating Japanese concept of “Mottainai“, meets local chefs, scientists and farmers while creating tasty recipes for a “Zero Waste Kitchen Revolution”.

Director& Script: David Gross
Producer: Kenji Sekine Executive Producer: Keisuke Matsushima
Director of Photography: Daniel Samer
Additional Cinematography: Toru Kubota
Editor: Yoshimasa Jimbo
Sound: Takeshi Ogawa
Music: Hideaki Takahashi
Featuring: David Gross, Nikki Tsukamoto, Rumi Ide etc.
Production Company: UNITED PEOPLE
Presented by: Cookpad Inc.
2020 /Japan /95minutes